Take me to Krishna! Verse #20: Milestone #3

To the one that removes the reason of the trembling of the thirty-three crores of devas (gods/angels), the One that only comes to down to Earth for the protection of pious individuals against evil (rakshasas), the One that not only has all great qualities (kalyana gunams), but is ready to fight for us with all his strength and glory, please wake up! Dear Nappinnai, the gracious being with a beautiful physique, please get up and give us a mirror, fan and our Krishna as we go onwards to fulfill our vratham!

Avatars of Vishnu, all to protect His devotees.

The main highlight of this pasuram is to gain Napinnai’s blessing as the gopis are finally able to meet Krishna. A small detail to note- the first syllable of the 17th, 18th 19th and 20th verses spell out ‘a’, ‘u’, ‘k’ and  ‘m’, and when ‘k’ is removed, it spells out the pranavam. Andal, the composer of Thiruppavai, stuck to her karma as a woman, and broke the flow of the pranavam, by adding the 19th verse, starting with ‘k’. A highlight of this particular verse is that we see why Narayana comes down to Earth in all his avatars, and that is not with the intention of killing rakshasas, but to protect his devotees, the death of the rakshasas is just incidental.

Finally, did you notice that there were three verses dedicated to invoking SriLakshmi? There can be many interpretations to why this is so- maybe to assert (saying three times) that SriLakshmi is as important and is as powerful as Narayana, or because we’re invoking Sri Devi, Bhooma Devi and Neela Devi?

Muppaththu moovar amararkku mun senru
Kappam thavirkkum kaliye thuyil ezhaay
Seppam udaiyaay thiral udaiyaay setraarkku
Veppam kodukkum vimalaa thuyil ezhaay
Seppenna men mulai chevvaay chiru marungul
Nappinnai nangaay thiruve thuyil ezhaay
Ukkamum thattoliyum thandhu un manaalanai
Ippodhe emmai neeraattelor embaavaay

Verse 20- Thiruppavai

And with this, we finally reached #20! We also successfully have woken up Krishna and the family!

Let’s see what happens next!


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