Lighting the lamp to Moksham: Verse #19

With lamps glowing beside you, sleeping on the soft bed with four legs, Krishna, the One with the flower like chest, lying on Nappinnai’s bosom, with the hair decorated with flowers- please, say something! Oh Nappinnai, with big eyes outlined with kohl, unable to bear the separation from Krishna, are you not letting Him get up? This doesn’t fit your character, and is not right on your part!

“Kuthu vilakkeriya” (source)

As the picture indicates, such lamps typically have five edges to it, and the lighting of which indicates the understanding of artha panchakam. These five consists of- Jeevātma (our souls, that we haven’t been able to see yet), Paramātma (understanding who is the Ultimate power of the universe. Hint:- Krishna 😉 ), Upāyam (means of understanding Vedas and Upanishads), Virodhi (understanding the hindrances that may divert us from our goal), Upeyam (the goal- moksham, kainkaryam towards Sri Vishnu). The four legs of the soft bed (which by the way, is a metaphor for the entire universe) could be interpreted as the four Vedas, or smruthi, sruthi, paanchrāthra and the dhivyaprabandham (does this ring a bell? This is why.

“Koththalar poonguzhal nappinai kongai mel
Vaiththu kidandha malar maarbaa” (source)

Especially after describing Nappinnai as MahaLakshmi, why would the tone suddenly become critical of Her pulling Krishna away from their devotees? This is because Krishna and Nappinnai are actually fighting between each other, trying to be the first to run to their bhakthas. During this “fight” they both pull each other away from the door, delaying their response to the gopis standing outside! 😀

Another point to note though, just as how we can never separate the divine couple, prapannas (devotees that have surrendered) can also never be separated from SriKrishna. When a devotee decides to surrender, it’s always done with the blessings of both Krishna and Lakshmi. Once a devotee becomes a prapanna, the impenetrable Krishna becomes a fully blossomed flower, accepting every devotee, like bees welcomed by nectar.

And so, let’s hold onto the Feet of Krishna, and let Him open His mouth to say that He’s accepted us, granting us Moksha!

Kuththu vilakkeriya kottu kaal kattil mel
Meththenra pancha sayanaththin mel eri
Koththalar poonguzhal nappinai kongai mel
Vaiththu kidandha malar maarbaa vaay thiravaay
Mai thadam kanninaay nee un manaalanai
Eththanai podhum thuyilezha ottaay kaan
Eththanaiyelum pirivu aatragillaayaal
Thaththuvam anru thagavelor embaavaay

Verse 19- Thiruppavai

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